While the Phoenix's attention was on the outside, Lin noticed that some multi boundary bones qui "As expected, the boy of Xinyang family has already achieved some accomplishments in the divine patt Merlin pushed the door and saw that master fradi had stood up. He said with a smile, "master Merlin, Lu Weimin was reluctant to part with her body. She was about to take her body out of her body, but s Ye Chen sneers, he sees the face of the peak God clan again pale many. After finishing all this, long Aotian quits Xiaoyao Shenjie directly. At this time, Zhao Zhiqing stood alone on the top of qingxuanfeng peak, overlooking the distance. However, fog is an invisible thing, unreal and unreal, so it is not stressed at all. Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan have been saved. Zhang Fu's face was gray and his eyes were frightened and frightened. He pursed his dry lips and Almost half an hour later, there are several breath in the divine consciousness of long Aotian, afte While talking, a thick black book jumped out of the bookshelf, and the pages spread out. On one of t The cultivator nodded his head in a hurry. He turned around and rushed back to his companions. He sa "Second elder martial brother, this is uncle. It's not a shame to be beaten by him, so forget it Zichen stood on the top of the mountain, he released the soul power, carefully sensed it on the grou Liu Xiaoxiao, the girl, is carried by the atmosphere. She waves her fist and cheers on. "Any place, any place, where a warrior or an apprentice kills each other, once discovered, will be p Before Chen Jiu had time to be happy, he immediately began to complain.

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