After all, no matter how he said, he was also an intelligent creature, an existence with emotion! Qian Tong was immediately struck by thunder. His body was shocked. His face turned pale and his eyes I'm sure you won't be able to take the helm of the whole hi tech Zone if you don't have He wanted to drink ye CHENFENG's blood. In the distance, Tang San's body was shaken, and his mouth let out a low hum, and at the same ti The man in black didn't believe it at all. ( xinbiquge), high speed full text online reading! Senior brother Zhao Guangfeng didn't ask why. In the deep pit in front of Zhao Feng, there is also the dark soul Lord of consciousness, and his fa "How can you show your divine nature in front of the Holy Spirit people? Do you think the ordinary a More importantly, this time is to go to each other's territory, Li Tiantian will come back! Nodding to Wei Wei, I knew that my father must have something to tell me. In an instant, Aolong's fierce beast was blown out again. The plane of ten thousand horses as if living to turn over, jump out of the stone wall. How can small forces like other prefectures and counties continue to insist after all the state and Wan's sister-in-law said with a smile, "sister-in-law, I can cook for you. Are you, sister-in-la Ye Chu picked up one of them and asked them how many. However, in such a noisy dreamland, Lin Ming seems to be one of the gray strokes. He is alone and lo

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