Out of the room, ready to wash, suddenly felt something on the air line at the door. After a careful "The special moment of the Legion, more important than your own In this way, the four friends even if the end of the relationship, the future will not join hands to So there are a lot of mages among the chosen people, really a lot. If you want to scan a little bit more information, you have to scan a little bit more. At this time, the captain of a devil immediately scolded in the radio. Doupan'er, confident and resolute, asked on the spot. The wind wolf whimpered. A look of relief flashed in his blood red eyes. He closed his eyes gently a But he did not expect that this time, he actually caught up with such a good opportunity, Miss Jenni When she came to her side, the breath she had just let go suddenly tightened again - the skirt had s Zheng Liwan had a lot of thoughts, and suddenly felt that she had been taken advantage of by Liu Min Some people also bought a car, the worst, also bought a bicycle, comfortable days so that many peopl "Well, your honor Cheng, consul, I see. I'll arrange it." Under such a call, he pressed on the stone jar, and the time puffed, and it was already disappeared A bodyguard trotted in, fell on the ground and said, "my Lord, there is a messenger outside!" This huge one eyed monster, with every step of his step, there will be a wave of entity like darknes "But I don't know what it's like to add dregs to the project Second, he likes to ask people: are you sure?.

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